To be fixed:

  • Page 3: Should be “מגביה שפלים” and not “מגביע שפלים” (fixed)
  • Page 32: Change “תפילות ותחנונים”  to  “תפילותנו ותחנונינו” (fixed)
  • Page 98: מעין שבע should have instruction to be omitted on the first night of פסח. (fixed)
  • Page 36: Bircas שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ is not necessary. (I’m leaving it anyways for reference)
  • Page 206: Move Sefiras HaOmer to better location (after Maariv L’Chol?) (fixed)
  • Page 207: Word spacing in תהלים סז needs to be fixed. (fixed)
  • Page 216: Add instruction for ערבית של יום טוב שחל בשבת say ויכלו. (fixed)
  • Page 47\129: Add mishebeirach for cholim. (fixed) (need to work on page layout fallout)
  • Page 248: Word “צדקה” is erroneously repeated. (fixed)
  • Pages 211 – 225:  Add “בשבת” in the square brackets. (fixed)
  • Page 136: Move chapter title below kaddish and instruction. (fixed)
  • Page 126: ברחמים has a meteg under it instead of a shva. (fixed)


If you find something missing from the list that needs to be fixed please submit an error.