About the Author

My name is Aaron Wolf. In 2008 I graduated from Yeshiva University and moved back to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where I currently serve as gabbai at Heights Jewish Center Synagogue. While my ancestry comes from all over Europe, I relate most to the German and Austrian sides. I teach Computer Science and Mathematics at MC2 STEM High School located on the campus of Cleveland State University.

About the Siddur

I started this project a few years back when I was rediscovering my German-Austrian-Hungarian heritage. The first thing I attempted, that any Orthodox Jew would do, was to find a siddur that matched the nusach of my ancestors. I was dumbfounded that, for such a large and proud community, there was no easily obtainable siddur for the German Rite outside of New York City. Moreover, the only siddur/machzor available had an outdated printing and contained the most embarrassing errors.

Soon thereafter I discovered Rabbi Rallis Wiesenthal’s work, סידור שפת ישראל,   which he had made available on OpenSiddur.org. I was astounded by his scholarship of the siddur. However, what I wasn’t thrilled by was the lack of distribution. The only way I was able to get a printed copy was to print it myself on 8.5 x 11 paper, which I did, but it was too large to use in shul.

While I’m not a scholar on level of Rabbi Wiesnthal, I wanted to create a siddur similar to his, but with a focus on readability and page layout.
This work was created out of a desire to have a סידור that was easy to read, easily available, and personal to me. The siddur is composed in \XeLaTeX code.