I’ve been working on the next edition of S.O.T. You may notice many of the changes when it gets uploaded in 2017. I want to be transparent in what I’d like to accomplish for the next edition.

For starters, the new format will be in 6×9 instead of 5×8. The 6×9 book size is more readily available on several “print to order” websites. When printing a 5×8 I intend to scale it down the PDF from the 6×9 to maintain page numbering and page layout– the only consequence being more white space.  The larger paper size also allows the font to be printed in size 12 instead of size 11, as it is on the 5×8. The line spacing has been increased from 1 to 1.4 for a more roomy feel. There are places (like Adom Olam on page 7) where some of the line spacing is awkward– that is no longer a problem.

Although it’s not seen, the source code is getting a little bit of an overhaul. This benefits the reader because it makes the text more uniform. By that I mean that certain repeated parts of the siddur are stored in a command. If the siddur requires that certain text it calls it from the command. For instance, kaddish is stored in the \kaddish command. If I were to need to change something about the text of kaddish then I would only need to change that command instead of changing it in every part of the siddur that it appears. This greatly reduces errors within the text.


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